Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Job Insecurity

The economic news is grim. With rounds and rounds of layoffs announced daily, it seems that everyone currently employed should be taking steps to work harder, smarter, whatever it takes to protect his or her job. Rookie mistakes should be avoided at all costs.

Someone needs to remind the Tooth Fairy that even she is not immune from losing her job because of substandard performance.

Take last night, for example. Sean lost his fifth tooth, dutifully placed in under the pillow, and woke up to find ... the tooth. And no cash.

The Tooth Fairy has screwed up big time.

I tried to cover for her. When Sean morosely informed me that the Tooth Fairy didn't come last night, I concocted a lame story about how the snowfall must have gotten in her way. Tonight, I told him, she will definitely visit our house.

I'm telling you, one more slip-up like this and she'll be fluttering those wings at the unemployment office.