Sunday, July 02, 2006


You know when you're feeling run down, and you gaze wistfully at the couch, or comfy chair, or any flat surface, for that matter, and wish you could just rest your weary head so that you can regain some energy?

I think my blog needs to rest its weary head for a while.

I've been feeling so unmotivated to write anything for so long; I'm sure you could tell. And it's not just motivation; it's also the diminution of my free time that's created some pretty adverse blogging conditions. It seems, and I may just be blowing it all of proportion, that most of my non-kid time is spent working. (I had this whole post in my head about that very topic, in fact, but it never emerged from the gestational stage. Very emblematic of the whole blogging inertia thing.)

I think what it boils down to is that when I am not either taking care of the kids or working, I'd like to take the time to reconnect with Jeff (who's also working punishing hours) and read some books for a change.

I also need to get some perspective on the self-esteem-enhancing/crushing aspect of blogging that you'd think I'd be beyond by now but am not. (To illustrate my whiplash reactions: "Oh, wow, people love me, look at all the comments"/"my God I am the biggest loser in the entire world it's no wonder no one reads this stupid blog.") For something that should be entirely pleasurable, I find myself upset about it too often.

I will definitely be back; I love the blogging community I've found. And I do like writing regularly about my life and my kids. I just need some time off, perhaps just a few weeks, or maybe just until summer ends.

Adios! Now, where's that couch?